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Formally established in 2014, Spritzal Cookie Company is a family baking company, located in Rockland, MA and inspired by Jody Walker's beloved Nannie Greta.  Making both traditional shortbread cookies and a variety of newer flavors, we have something to delight every palate.  Available in select Whole Foods, Wegmans, Roche Bros., Brothers Marketplace, Fruit Center Marketplace and other retailers in Massachusetts, we encourage you to experience the taste of our rich buttery cookies.

Spritzal Cookies' Almond and Lemon Shortbread flavors still use Nannie Greta's original, all-natural, five ingredient recipe. All of our flavors use simple, locally sourced ingredients for delicious results you would expect from a home baked cookie.

Spritzal  Cookies...because simple tastes so good!

-J. Walker

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While searching for local vendors for a vendor fair last year, I was so pleased that a co-worker
recommended the Spritzal Cookie Company to me. Not only are the cookies fresh, delicious and
made from the best ingredients but Taylor and Jody are always a pleasure to work with. They are
passionate about what they do and are proud of the products they serve(as they should be!). I
have already reached out to Taylor since the vendor fair for more cookie platters and I will
continue to support this local business by ordering more delicious cookies in the future.
Everyone who has taken a bite has loved them and there are never any left behind!

Jennifer Francoeur, OCEANSPRAY, INC., Middleboro, MA

 Finding ways to make an impression on clients by responding to an occasion for that “special gift” is sometimes tough. My life got a whole lot easier once I began surprising clients with the special home-made deliciousness Spritzal packs into their cookies. The quality of Spritzal’s product is unmatched by any of the larger more commercial brands we had been sending for years. Spritzal Cookie Company not only bakes an unrivaled product but makes corporate gifting easy, dependable and efficient. Our clients are absolutely delighted, and so are we!

Michele D. Hubley, Appleton Partners, Inc., Private Wealth Advisors, Boston, MA

Our theatre has used Spritzal Cookies for resale at our snack bar and for several fundraising events , including a Mary Poppins Tea Party. Everyone has raved at how light, fresh and delicious these cookies are! We are so pleased to be able to offer such a
quality cookie to our patrons.

Zoe Bradford, The Company Theatre, Norwell, MA

The Spritzal Story

A Favorite Family Tradition

Jody’s passion for Spritz cookies started when she was just a little girl. It was a Christmas tradition for the women in the family to gather in the kitchen under the watchful eye of her Nannie Greta to make cookies for family and friends over the holidays. When Nannie Greta passed, Jody’s mom took over the role of cookie matriarch, and eventually Jody was able to share the tradition with her own daughter, Taylor. The special family recipe in Nannie Greta’s familiar handwriting still sits next to Nannie’s cookie gun in Jody’s kitchen.

Tried and True

Over the years, Jody made these Spritz cookies for many holiday occasions and they became the talk of Taylor’s school when her teachers received them. Jody started decorating them more elaborately and friends started requesting them for their own gatherings. People would ask: “Why aren’t you selling these?” Jody loved crafting them and she started experimenting with adding different flavorings to create a variety of options.

Jody would bring the new flavors to Taylor’s theater troupe for feedback and most of them got rave reviews. She started thinking that perhaps there was something to the idea of selling her cookies more widely.

A Cookie Company Is Born

On April 4, 2014 Jody formed her LLC, Spritzal Cookie Company and began establishing relationships with local retailers. By June she had her first retail account and was selling in two farmer’s markets in the Boston area. The summer of 2014 was the busiest ever with cookies frequently selling out of stock and the demand ever increasing. It became clear that Jody needed a larger kitchen. In January 2015, she moved her operation into an industrial kitchen at a food incubator in Dorchester, MA. She quickly outgrew that location as well, so in October of 2015 she moved into her own commercial kitchen that she built in Rockland, MA at the Old Sandpaper Factory, where they have been baking ever since.

Within a few months of the move, Spritzal Cookies began being sold in the Boston Flagship Whole Foods South End store, other retailers soon followed. Now Jody is proud to be working toward her goal of creating an e-commerce store where her cookies can bring satisfied smiles to families across the globe.

Simple Ingredients Make the Best Cookies