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little cookies made with lots of love

Made with natural ingredients and real butter, these cookies are the real deal!

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women owned
only 5 or 6 ingredients
clean label

a different kind of cookie

Rooted in tradition and baked with love, Spritzal cookies are as special as can be!

family recipe

Passed down through generations, Nana Greta's family cookie recipe is alive and well in every bite of a SPRITZAL cookie!


clean ingredients

Made with real butter, and only 5 or 6 ingredients, each flavor is free of preservatives and artificial colors or flavors!


fun, festive flavors

From Ooh La Lemon to Birthday Cake and Blueberry Pie, try flavors you won't find elsewhere!

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Family Recipe

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Real Ingredients

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Woman Owned

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Preservative Free

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No Artificial Colors

the snacks you love with the ingredients you deserve

Indulge in our finest shortbread cookies, crafted with ingredients so exceptional, they rival homemade delights!

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& save

Never run out of cookies when you join the Spritzal fam. Subscribe and save on every order - your wallet will thank you!

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you'll love us too!

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"If you know me, you know I love shortbread a lot. While I bake my own, it also feels great to find others out there that are really good."

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"Spritzal cookie company ✨ a mother-daughter, women-owned company that makes shortbread cookies with 5-6 natural ingredients! They were kind enough to send me all of their flavors. Here’s their birthday cake & so far my favorite flavor. Tastes just like birthday cake shortbread without that odd chemical birthday cake flavor. The texture is like typical shortbread, crunchy yet sort of melts in your mouth. Thank you to @spritzalcookiefor sending your cookies to me! 💖"

Sweet Foodie Team

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